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Have Fun with Mask Photo Booths: Traditional and Digital Props

Digital Props Photo Booth Rentals, TikTok Photo Booth / EDM Sample Packs/ EDM DJ / Israeli Wedding DJ/ 360 Photo Booth / Free Sample Packs / 360 Video Booth, face filters,

Are you planning to have a mask photo booth at your next event?

Whether you’re planning a graduation party, wedding, birthday bash, or corporate event, photo booths are always great additions. But what kind of props should you use in your photo booth? There are two types of props that you can use – traditional props and digital props. Both offer their own unique features, so let’s take a closer look at the differences between them.


Have Fun with Mask Photo Booths

Traditional props are physical items that guests can wear or hold up for photos. These might include masks, hats, glasses, or other fun items. The advantage of using traditional props is that they often add a more realistic look to the photos. The downside is that they require more setup time, more cleanup time, and more manpower to manage them during the event. Additionally, if not managed properly, traditional props can be potentially unsafe for guests to use in the photo booth.

Traditional Props vs Digital Props

Digital props are graphics or images that are displayed on-screen for guests to interact with during their pictures taken in the photo booth. They come in all shapes and sizes and often allow for more customization than traditional props do. Digital props also require less setup time than physical ones and can be managed much easier during the event itself. Plus, there’s no worry about safety issues since digital props stay on-screen at all times during the session.

Ways To Use Digital Props In A Photo Booth

The great thing about digital props is that they can be used in many different ways to enhance your photo booth experience. For example, you could create custom masks with names or numbers printed on them for each guest as a way to easily recognize people in the photos taken in the booth. You could also create custom backgrounds with company logos or special messages printed on them as another way to personalize the experience even further. And lastly, you could also create custom frames around each photo as an extra visual effect when taking pictures in your mask photo booth!

Options To Customize Digital Props For Your Photo Booth

Customizing your digital prop designs is easy when using a software program. With these programs, you can create any type of design from scratch or even modify existing designs to fit your needs better. You will also need access to a printer if you want to print out physical copies of your custom masks or backgrounds for use in your mask photo booth session!


Using digital masks and face Filters in your mask photo booth is a great way to add some extra fun and excitement for guests at your next event! Not only do they provide added safety since they remain on-screen at all times but they also allow for plenty of customization options so that you can truly personalize the experience even further! So don’t forget – digital props make it easy to create unique experiences within any mask photo booth session!


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